Wine 8

Can you help me figure out what I drank?

Honey Bee | Jan 25, 200809:24 AM

A few years ago, I was sharing a cheese plate with a friend at Artisanal and the waiter brought us a couple of complimentary glasses of wine. It was white and, in his words, "sherry like". (I have never had a sip of sherry and couldn't tell you if this was an accurate description or not.) Upon asking him what the wine was, my memory rembers him saying "arbois".

I know very little about wine and have been keeping my eye out for a bottle labeled "arbois". However, after doing a little research it now seems that Arbois is a region in France and not a type of grape or varietal. Hmmmm.

Does anyone have an idea as to what I drank? I would really like to find something similar.


BTW- I have revisited Artisanal and it seems that the wine is no longer on the menu.

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