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Are festive....err....alcoholic beverages part of your daily life? [moved from Not About Food]

Janet from Richmond | Mar 27, 201207:54 AM

The child's birthday party thread prompted this thread.....do you typically have an evening cocktail, or a beer or wine with dinner, etc.

And if that is your "norm" vs. those who are infrequent drinkers or don't drink at all, is there a different expectation or what is considered "good manners" when hosting an event?

We are daily drinkers.....after work cocktail, wine with dinner, etc. and when we host there is an expectation that will be be providing good cheer along with food and that is typical for our social circles.

If someone does drink for religious reasons, personal moral code or is a recovering alcoholic I certainly would not expect them to provide for me, but if it's because someone is saving $$$$ my opinion gets murkier.

How about you?

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