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'fess up, "i'm a hog when it comes to eating ____ ."


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'fess up, "i'm a hog when it comes to eating ____ ."

alkapal | Nov 19, 2008 12:30 PM

fill in the blank.

shrimp cocktail
deviled eggs
knorr's vegetable-spinach dip in a bread bowl
any hot artichoke dip

at a wedding reception once, i parked myself near the humongous tower of beautiful boiled gulf shrimp on ice. truly, it was a monster-sized conical tower of ice, with shrimp just plastered all over it -- it had to be 6 feet high! (i didn't even make a small dent! in fact, probably 10 people could've stood around the base of the shrimp tower, and still others would still have had plenty of access). and then, they served a huge multi-course dinner. what a swine! i'm not proud, but....just sayin'

are you willing to 'fess up? are there things you are willing to chow down on even around non-family (who already know your predelictions)?

ps, nacho cheese doritos.....

what puts you in "hog heaven"? (that shrimp did it for me!)

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