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please help me fellow pastry hounds


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please help me fellow pastry hounds

apple | May 9, 2003 09:40 AM

there's a cake i need to make for a special occasion, but i can't seem to find a recipe anywhere. the local bakery that serves it calls it a strawberry bavarian cake, but most of the search results for that yield recipes for a more traditional bavarian (the cream-based dessert). or, i get loads of recipes that require a mix, strawberry jello, gelatin, and/or buttercream frosting.

the cake i would like to make has three layers of silver (white) cake, each brushed with simple syrup and then separated by a filling of bavarian cream and fresh strawberries. for the first and second layers, there's a ring of halved strawberries around each layer's edge and a pile of chopped berries in the middle. the top layer is covered with concentric, overlapping rings of perfect halved berries. when done properly, it's absolutely stunning.

i need to recreate this at home in about a week's time. if i can't find a recipe, i might just make a strawberry cream cake fashioned in a similar way using freshly whipped cream in lieu of bavarian, except in that case i would also maybe cover the sides with cream. alternatively, i guess i could just find recipes for the separate components (silver cake, simple/kirsch syrup, bavarian cream) and just assemble the parts the way i want it to look. in either case, i would really appreciate some help with finding a recipe. (no cake mix recipes - i would really like to make everything from scratch - or ones that call for ladyfingers, please.)

much thanks in advance, my kindred baking chums,

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