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Feeling "out of place" at a restaurant


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Feeling "out of place" at a restaurant

im_nomad | Jun 30, 2011 08:41 AM

Am I just socially awkward, or has anyone else felt this way upon trying out some new place? Be it the way you're dressed, your age, your choice of dish or what not?

I can't say it has ever happened to me more than once or twice really (the other times perhaps in bars where I felt ancient), but recently a girl friend and I got a great deal on a top of the line luxury hotel for a getaway weekend, and one evening decided to dine at the restaurant/patio downstairs. We dressed up of course, and we were told to seat ourselves. And we sat there, and sat there, feeling more uncomfortable for no completely obvious reason (i.e. no one said anything to us or anything). There was a lot of designer clothing around and a general feeling of uber-rich. No one stopped by to take drink orders or drop off a menu, so after some time, we eventually got up and left and went elsewhere for a meal. It was a place that realistically should have pristine service, so all round it felt a little weird. It wasn't until afterward that we both talked about the vibe of the place, and how we both felt like we missed the boat somewhere / didn't get a copy of the manual or something.

Yes maybe that was us feeling more self-conscious for some reason, but it was definitely uncomfortable there.

Anyone else with similar experiences?

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