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How do you feel about dogs in the grocery cart?

smartie | Mar 17, 201403:36 PM

I went into a supermarket today and a woman came in about the same time as me and put her little white dog into the kiddie part of the cart. I asked one of the managers what that was all about and he said it's illegal for them to challenge the shopper.
A little googling had me find that that is not quite true. They can ask what the dog is trained to do as part of being a service dog. An emotional support dog or pet is not allowed in a food establishment. He said they turn a blind eye to it because so many regulars bring their dogs into the store that they have given up asking the correct legal question.

I was surprised by this as it seems strange to have the dog in the cart not on the floor on a leash walking like dogs can and should. I am a dog lover, got 2 of my own dogs which are pets so I am not hating on dogs. But I don't want dogs in the carts in a food store. Maybe it's silly of me, guessing kids' diapers/butts are no cleaner and they get put into the carts too. Perhaps I should just wipe the cart down next time and get a life. What do you other CHers think?

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