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Feedback on Locking Inactive Posts

patsully | Feb 21, 201905:42 PM     43

Hi all, as we continue to plan improvements for Chowhound in 2019, we'd like to get your take on a few potential improvements, which we'll post about on here Site Feedback for discussion.

The first potential change we'd love your feedback on is automatically locking older discussions. We've heard from many of you that you dislike when older discussions that have long run their course are re-started years later. Often these are started by new users who are looking to contribute for the first time, even though it would be better to start a new discussion as a "Part 2," "Continued" or "2019 Update."

Knowing that *some* discussions continue to have ongoing value, we would only look to automatically lock discussions once they've become inactive over a long stretch of time, perhaps a year to start. As long as new comments have occurred in that time, they'd remain open discussions.

Let us know what you think here and we'll consider your feedback as we plan ahead.


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