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Feedback, please: Was this handled correctly?

Seeker19104 | Mar 19, 2008 02:03 PM

Last night -- yes, a Tuesday night -- I had reservations to eat at Modo Mio with friends at 7:00P. We arrived on time, and looking around the dining room, there didn't seem to be any tables opening up soon. After repeatedly asking the hostess/server what had happened, she finally told us that a number of other people had shown up half an hour late for their reservations. (She blamed it on I-95 which seemed lame as we had all managed to arrive on time.)

We waited forty minutes to be seated. Forty minutes during which we were not offered even a menu or a glass of water. Nor were we compted anything for our inconvenience. In fact, we had to ask for the complimentary after-dinner sambuca that was prominently displayed near the entry.

In other situations, I've been turned away for being more than fifteen minutes late for a reservation. Knowing that we were coming, should they have similarly turned tardy patrons away? Or is (Shudder) the expectation in Philadelphia "first-come-first-served?"

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