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New features on restaurant computers


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New features on restaurant computers

kc girl | Oct 14, 2005 09:17 AM

(1) Split the bill capability
Computer program splits the bill as each item can be added at a time and computed together, even to the point of an amount for sharing the cost of one dish. Then tax is added to each personalized portion of the one tab. Makes it incredibly easy to share the bill.

Had dinner (at French 75 Brasserie, Irvine, CA). When we were about through, someone placed a credit card on the table. Within minutes, a gal (mgr?) stopped by and asked if the card was there because we wanted to bill out? (Service was incredibly perfect that day, by the way) So more credit cards appeared from others as an indication we all wanted to pay. At this point, things can usually get confusing. Not this time. The gal took the cards and discussion and requests that we each pay for the meal, etc. She listened to us banter a little about who had what, what we wanted to pick up for others, and then we realized we'd shared a few plates and wanted to do something about that, too. We didn't take long or fuss to the point of certainty, the gal took our cards and returned in a long time (to her, we were doing just fine). She apologized for any delay and explained she took the time to learn the new computer and that our bill had been split as we had kind of discussed. She even pointed out that the one dish we all shared was cost calculated in a percentage of equal portions. We were totally excited she explained this new program to us and thought it was really cool. And, simple. No more guessing or finger counting. It's all on the computer. So easy. Doesn't help with the fact that we kind of wanted to pay for each other, but a real "wow" when you care to split the bill.

Will this change the way we all with different pockets and dignity dine together?

(2) Wine inventory capability
Tracks inventory by supply and date with further notes on what should be consumed now, pre-date, and past prime.

Is this a new system for restaurants or just new to me?

I actually saw this on a Kitchen Design show, but when I was touring the restaurant, Ambrosia (reborn in Santa Ana, California at the OC Pavilion), I asked the Food and Beverage Manager that approached us (new restaurant still introducing itself) if they had the system. He said yes as if most places do. I had not asked like I'd just seen it on TV and was all jazzed about it, and he responded simply "yes" in the same cool manner. He answered many of our questions and was quite cordial in meeting us.

It was too bad all they had in a Chardonnay in the entertainment bar for us (only place open that particular night) was a choice of either Pepperwood or BV Chardonnay (not terrible, but . . . hey). I hope the restaurant has a better list when it opens in November.

P.S. for those in Orange County, Ambrosia is owned by the same proprietor that brought us Ambrosia in Newport Beach, very popular high-end dining. However, in talking about the new menu, it seemed nothing of the same. And, different chef from the days in the 80s) They (or maybe it was my friends that night, too) made it sound like Oysters Rockefeller (that the former NB Ambrosia had the best of) was a anomaly of contemporary cuisine. And, I was quite surprised to see a bar food offering of skewered seasoned tofu because I thought Ambrosia was a French restaurant.

Anyway, they say they have the wine inventory tracking program.

And, the dining room is absolutely beautiful. Interesting VIP room in the downstairs bar, too, looks like a bank vault entry. Maybe more labout Ambrosia ater on the Los Angeles board.

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