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your favorite vintage cookbooks


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your favorite vintage cookbooks

swiftbanderilla | Dec 27, 2010 01:22 PM

i am in love with vintage cookbooks. at first i was drawn to the imagery... made little gift tags out of them for food-related gifts. now that i am actually trying the recipes, i am findiing many of them to be incredible... especially the cookies and baked goods. of course there are some trends i'm not fond of (books focused on certain products, esp. canned), but for the most part i've been really delighted. any favorite vintage cookbooks you'd like to suggest? i consider vintage at least 20 years old and although half of the chowhounders out there might curse me upon reading this, i'd like to not discuss the joy of cooking. yes, it is a great basic but i'm looking for something with a bit more personality. thanks for your ideas!

for years i poured through and collected contemporary cookbooks and although i certainly enjoy them, it is hard to keep up! i am looking for books that are full of stand-by recipes. i equate this with an album you like from beginning to end (bowie's ziggy stardust anyone?)... something that is tried and true and would keep you afloat for months at a time.

do tell!

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