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Favorite Sakes?

Akatonbo | Jun 29, 2006 01:10 PM

I posted this at first on the beer page, but since most people (including me, up until yesterday!) seem to think that sake is a distilled spirit, I guess the post should go here:

...I'd like to find out what sakes Chowhounds like. I myself like a really good nigori - just last night had Mukune brand, "Shadows of Katano," by Daimon Shuzo. Excellent, dry, went very well with our meal of contemporary American seafood - how nice to find that I don't have to limit myself to drinking it with Japanese food!

I have also been searching for a really thick nigori that I had at Katana, in Los Angeles. Most nigoris I've had have only a little sediment in them - this one was almost creamy, Unfortunately, I didn't realize how unique it was, so I didn't note the name. Does anyone have any ideas what this could have been?

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