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Favorite local dishes in KY


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Favorite local dishes in KY

texavi | Feb 2, 2010 10:22 PM

So being a foodie and being in stationed in South Central Kentucky for the last 6 months, I thought I would share some of my favorite local food items in KY.

5. Baked Cabbage Wedges - I usually get them from the Smoke Pit outside Campbellsville, but they are offered at quite a few places around here. I kind of feel like this is campfire food, but there is something incredible about the simpleness of wrapping a cabbage wedge in tinfoil with butter, salt and pepper. These things just make me happy.

4. Chocolate Gravy - This breakfast item is usually served with biscuits. I get mine at Betty's OK Country Kitchen in Columbia, KY. There is nothing like slathering this mixture which slightly resembles a loose chocolate pudding on biscuits. It is a great condiment which adds just the right amount of sweetness to the beginning of my day.

3. Chili Buns - Okay this might seem a bit easy. These are like chili dogs without the dog, but I think there is an art to getting your toppings right and you never seem to miss the dog. People around here love them. You can find some great ones at Weaver's In London, KY. I have grown to really enjoy them.

2. Hot Banana Pudding - Okay, I am a huge banana pudding fan. When I first saw this I thought someone had forgotten to refrigerate the tray and put this out too early, but then I tasted this and I fell in love. I usually get this at Big Jim's Bar and Grill in Lebanon, KY.

1. Country Ham - A local specialty which you definitely should not pass up. The first time I went shopping, I loved seeing these hams hanging in the local supermarket. My favorite is Scott Hams but you can find many different brands and they all seem good. Experimenting with your glazes and dips is also fun. They can incorporate everything from ham drippings, bacon grease, root beer, coffee, or seven-up. It sounds crazy but the depth of flavor makes these ham my top pick for favorite local foodstuff.

Let me know what you love about Kentucky food.

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