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Your favorite Korean cookbook, please!

PinchOfSalt | Sep 27, 2009 09:51 AM

Folks in the Boston area probably know that an H-Mart just opened in Burlington, MA. It is a large, well-stocked Korean-centric supermarket in an area whose only Korean groceries have been mom-and-pop stores. For those of us who did not grow up in a household with a Korean cook, this is an opportunity to shop, cook, and learn some new food ways. A few good cookbooks would be a real help. Unfortunately, there are comparatively few Korean cookbooks available, and they tend not to be on the shelves of everyday brick-and-mortar stores. Buying an unknown cookbook online is always a bit of a gamble. Plus, strange as it may seem, the H-Mart has no cookbooks for sale. So, fellow Hounds, what are your nominations for a few good Korean cookbooks? In particular, I am looking for cookbooks that are

- comparatively authentic - H-Mart probably has all the ingredients used in everyday Korean cooking in the US and I am willing to take the time to do the steps. A cookbook named "75 simple and quick Korean recipes for American kitchens" is probably not what I am looking for.

- are in English or are bilingual Korean/English

- are focused on home cooking (as opposed to stuff you only get in restaurants or fusion or new-wave dishes)

I am hoping to find at least cookbook that explains Korean ingredients - what they are, what they are called in Korean (the name of the ingredient in Korean and how to pronounce it), what to look for in a good quality version - to help me shop. Similarly, a cookbook that explains the Korean aesthetic for what makes a dish or meal especially good would probably teach me a lot.

Thanks in advance, everyone!

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