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What are your favorite new gins?

PhillyCook | Feb 28, 201211:12 AM

I'm a gin lover who recently had to take a 9 month vacation from drinking. During that time I've been watching with fascination as the gin section in the liquor store expands.

I'm thinking about doing a big gin buy to sample some of the new stuff, but prices are reasonably high, and I want to be somewhat discerning.

Tell me, Chowhounds -- what are the new gins you're loving? I adore Bluecoat (I live in Philly) and I loved Aviation when I got a chance to try it in Portland last year. I tried a tiny sip of The Botanist Islay Dry Gin, and we've got a bottle of that at home, waiting for me to be ready for it -- it was pretty nice, I thought, though I haven't had the chance to sample it fully.

I've read good things about Comb 9, Death's Door, and Fifty Pounds, but I haven't tried them yet. I've seen but know nothing about Farmer's Botanical Small Batch Organic, Dry Fly, Seneca Drums, G'Vine, Right Gin, Martin Miller's, Brandon's, and Tub. I know there are tons more out there that I haven't even seen yet.

I'm not to into Genever or Old Tom -- though I could be persuaded to try them again if you offer suggestions on what to try and how to mix them well.

Help me out, Chowhounds! Tell me which of these new, small batch, artisanal, foreign or local gins you love.

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