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Favorite chowcentric lines from favorite books


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Favorite chowcentric lines from favorite books

Pat Hammond | Oct 11, 2001 05:29 PM

I spent the better part of the morning unpacking my books and magazines, and couldn't resist leafing through a few. I found some favorite lines which I'll share here. A few snippets quoted with attribution, does not a copyright infringement make! Anybody else have others?

"So if you're lucky enough to get a holt to an alligator tail, there's a section about a foot long just behind the back legs that's tender and juicy."
(Ernie Micklers' "White Trash Cooking")

"When we have crabmeat to spare, I make a crab Newburg so superlative that I myself taste it in wonder, thinking, 'Can it be I who has brought this noble thing into the world?'"
("Cross Creek" by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings)

And, in Paris where he's hungry a lot: "The beer was very cold and wonderful to drink..."I ground black pepper over the potatoes and moistened the bread in the olive oil. After the first heavy draft of beer I drank and ate very slowly."
(Hemingway's "Movable Feast", describing Brasserie Lipp)

"...all anybody really wanted to know was how many crabs each person could eat, how many were still in the big blue enamel pot on the stove, and whether the beer would hold out long enough to wash down the last of the spicy, delectable, sweet white flesh of the hard-shells we all loved."
(Martha Stewart! Remembering column: Crabbing at the Jersey Shore)

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