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Favorite Bread(s)

MagnoliaGardens | Aug 6, 2014 03:14 PM

I want to know about your love for bread. What's your ranking? With apologies to Baguettes, Matzo, Focaccia, Challah, Crepe, Ciabatta, Ezekiel, Banana Bread, French, Injera & plain white - here's my list:

1) Tortilla - the ultimate vehicle. with butter, cheese, meat, vegetables, prepared or raw, a good tortilla is the perfect size (both diameter and thickness) to accompany the filling yet also provide sturdy smokey corn flavor. tortillas can also be re-prepared into some awesome dishes, eg nachos, chilaquiles etc. gold medal winner for me.
2) Baguette - if it has that crispy crust, chewy dough and little middle speck of yeasty moisture, it's perfect. with butter, with cheese, with charcuterie, with nothing at all but a ripped hunk in your mouth, this is the best for me.
3) Bagel - I mean super awesome, great texture (for me it's heavily texture-based), perfect chewiness with a great crisp (if toasted).
4) Cornbread - even the fake stuff at El Torito. any bready, sweet corn - as long as it's moist - is awesome with me. add butter or honey and i'm in heaven.
5) Biscuit - almost the same visceral pleasure as cornbread, but a little sturdier. kind of annoying that the perfect biscuits are so flaky that they make a mess so my OCD takes over, but man again butter or honey or just plain biscuits - or with gravy! - pure awesomeness.
6) Pita - best conduit for stuffing your face, and it can be packed into a no-mess pocket if the pita is prepared well enough. very convenient, very earthy taste with a subtle toughness, and when slightly warmed it becomes a comforting blanket for any ingredients.
7) French Roll - similar to the baguette but sans the subtle sour tanginess - in other words just the perfect sandwich medium, for which you can use literally any toppings. hell yeah.
8) English Muffin - the OG Thomas version. i'm a sucker for these, and it may well be because my Mom had them in the house religiously while I was growing up. I love them super crispy and with butter or any variation of sandwich (or cheese, for that matter).
9) Pan Dulce - probably the only bread for me that goes equally well for breakfast and dessert without any alteration. definitely need a good coffee (breakfast) or milk (dessert) accompaniment, though.
10) Sourdough - unique and so enjoyable heated to a crisp and with butter or cheese. wow. I don't know enough about elite sourdoughs to really have this seriously considered, but those I've tried in L.A. and SF are spectacular.

What breads satisfy your craving?

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