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Favorite Beer Bar Ever?

Justincase | Feb 2, 2008 11:20 AM

Mine personally is the Raleigh Times Bar in North Carolina. I visited on business for six days and spent almost all of my times at that bar. I travel 200 days a year and try to find my place where ever I go. Many places either have great beer, great food, great staff or great atmosphere. Rarely does a place have it all. The Times, as locals call it, has all of it and more.
They only have six taps however I have never had fresher and more interesting selections. No Guinness, no macros except 20 ounce PBR for $2. You will get a Blanche or an amazing Belgian amber, how about a Frambozen that doesn't taste like it has been in the line for a week. Bottle selections are extensive however no beers are on there just to be. Management explained no matter the brand or honor the beer has to be great to make it. What an idea?
The food is all scratch bar food and possibly the best burger I have ever had. The meat is ground everyday and I saw it with my own eyes when I peeked in the kitchen.
The staff are simple, fun and no fluff. They don't where any uniforms and it feels like your neighbor is hanging out with you. When that place gets busy it's amazing to watch them move with composure and purpose. And it gets so busy. I got in early on a Friday and managed a bar seat. At eight o'clock it was packed. I mentioned that and Bobby the bartender laughed and shrugged it off. At ten o'clock there was this sea of people inside and out. I have never seen so much draft beer poured anywhere of the 94 cities I have been to.
If you ever get into Raleigh make a trip happen downtown. I wish I lived in Raleigh.

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