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fattiness of cheese

basil | Jan 23, 2002 10:53 AM

not looking for a big discussion on recommendations. i would appreciate a quick pointer on the HEALTH aspects. not much of a cheese eater, but in recent forays, I've realized I enjoy creamy mushy stuff most of the time, and invariably dislike anything "hard". nowhere is this distinction more clear than in prepackaged mozzarella. depending on the fat or moisture content, some of them melt in my mouth like butter, whereas some of them taste like rubber.

anyway, i recall doctors making the comment that anyone on a diet should have " soft cheeses of any kind". Or was it " hard cheeses"?

i realize there is some variation, but as a general rule, which one is better for you. it seems OBVIOUS that the rich, creamy ones would be higher in fat...but is it simply that they're higher in MOISTURE (and therefore LOWER in fat)?

i am not on a diet, but i would like to know nonetheless. i read the nutrition labels, but haven't noticed any sweeping pattern yet. also...are the "benefits" related to any particular kind of cheese? i figured it was BITTER cheeses (bleu? stilton?), but they make so much of the FRENCH DIET, that maybe they ARE talking about rich, creamy ones.

btw, up in canada the cheese usually includes "moisture content" (%age) on the label. i wasn't there long enough to glean the pattern vis-a-vis my likes and dislikes, but i sure wish they'd implement that system here. i think the staff is getting tired of my squeezing and poking all the cheeses!

if anyone knows a website which would ORDER the major cheeses in terms of 1) fat content, and 2) health/heart benefits, that would be ideal. but some sweeping rules would be fine too.


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