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Why is US fastfood chain so boring while in US?


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Why is US fastfood chain so boring while in US?

Xellosw2099 | Jul 25, 2011 01:17 PM

I got a question, how come the fastfood chain in US so boring? The reason I ask this is that US chain that are located in other country got so many more different kind of food it is not funny.

For example, in Hong Kong, their MacDonald serve a LOT more than just same old burger and fries and while Pizza Hut there serve many kind of different pizza and pasta. They actually serve seafood pizza that taste very good and their seafood pasta blow anything they serve in Olive Garden out of the water. While in US, Pizza is reduce to a extreme fastfood fair with only processed meat on the menu. Why is that?

The reason I ask is that my brother just come back from his trip from HK and he told me about the wonderful pizza he had at pizza hut. That got me thinking... the pizza making process for chain restaurant is around the same in the world, so just being in HK doesn't made the pizza better, it is the ingredient that made it good. People also love shrimp in US, then how come I almost never notice it on a pizza menu...

I mean just look at the hk pizza hut link... things look so good already

Another thing was that before I from to US from HK 15 years or so ago, I loved pizza hut pasta and when I see the pizza hut in US I was shock to see all they got is pizza back then and its wasn't until recent years they start selling pasta...

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