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Farmers' Markets week of June 16th


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Farmers' Markets week of June 16th

BostonZest | Jun 17, 2008 12:59 PM

I'm a tad slow getting this week's Market thread underway.

Don't miss Greygarious' thread about the Bedford market at:

I was a Copley today and all the farms have now arrived with today's addition of MacArthur Farm. New to the market today were sugar snap peas and summer squash at Atlas and purple kohlrabi at Seina.

My shopping cart had strawberries, basil, parsley, cucumbers, salad greens. I also bought a couple of pastries from the Hardwick Cooking School & Bakery and a baguette from Iggy's.

And, I of course bought tomatoes. I'm sure most Hounds realize that the local tomatoes are safe. But, if you want an official answer on that, I did an article about Massachusetts tomatoes yesterday with all the FDA links. The FDA says that Massachusetts tomatoes are not involved in the current problems.

I also had my weekly hot dog treat from Doug at the cart near the ticket booth. That man makes good hot dogs and he takes the time to do them right. What's more, he's always a happy moment in a busy day. He's there most days - not just market days.

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