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FAQ: Guidelines for the Home Cooking Board


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FAQ: Guidelines for the Home Cooking Board

The Chowhound Team | Aug 29, 2012 04:23 PM

If you're new to Chowhound, please check out our full Etiquette Guidelines at: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/36760...

Chowhound does not permit reposting of materials under copyright protection on the boards (unless, of course, you own the copyright). Hounds on the Home Cooking board mainly run into issues of copyright when posting recipes.

If you want to post recipes you've developed, or family recipes passed down from generation to generation, that's great. Please include the recipe here, rather than linking to your blog or web site.

If you're suggesting a recipe from a published source (a cookbook, newspaper, magazine, other web site, etc.), please keep in mind these guidelines:

-- If the recipe is available somewhere on web, we prefer that you simply provide a link to it. Recipes very often are on the web somewhere, so try googling the name of your recipe or a distinctive line of the instructions to see if there's an official source you can link to.
-- Ingredient lists don't fall under copyright protection, so you're welcome to repost those verbatim. The instructions and any intro paragraphs are covered under copyright protection; these you should paraphrase in your own words. We will be obliged to remove posts containing recipes copied verbatim from published sources, even if you credit the source.
-- If you've paraphrased or adapted a recipe, or have any other reason to believe that your recipe is not under copyright protection (it's your own recipe, it's from a public domain book, etc.) please note that in your post, so the moderators know it's okay. If you've paraphrased a recipe from a cookbook or other source that's not available on the web, please mention the source of the recipe. That really helps us and lessens the chances that we'll remove okay posts.
-- Please don't offer to send copyright-protected recipes to others by email--that's still infringement, and we'll remove posts that make those offers.


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