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Fantasy Kitchen/Cooking Gifts?


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Fantasy Kitchen/Cooking Gifts?

sivyaleah | Dec 4, 2005 03:08 PM

So, my husband wants to know what I want for gifts this year (we celebrate Chanukah and Christmas in our house).

Truthfully, there isn't anything I'm dying for that I wouldn't buy on my own anyway. There is a couple of non-food/kitchen things I would like, and I'm going to give him those ideas.

I'm curious what kitchen items would be on your wish lists. I could use a lot more good knives which I'm considering but I'd like to know what would make you really excited, maybe it would give me some ideas of things I'm missing or just want for no other reason than to have.

Cost isn't a big factor (no kids to worry about). I'd like a Viking range, but I'm not getting that :-) Never mind the obvious cost, but it won't fit in my kitchen anyway LOL


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