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Fantasy Chow trips?

geekyfoodie | Jan 9, 200808:02 AM

I'm sure there's been a thread about this, but I found ones that were a little more specific (i.e. domestic trips, honeymoons, etc.). What's your fantasy trip? Cost, transportation, and other issues not at all withstanding and no special occasion necessary... if you could go anywhere you wanted solely for the food, where would you go?

I ask because of this conversation I had yesterday with my BF...

Told him that I'd love to take a trip to the south of France. Fly to Paris, stay a few days, rent a car, head south, and drive from town to town, munching on whatever was good. A leisurely vacation driving through lovely countryside dining on fabulous cheese, bread, wine, and a whole lot more. When I had my fill, I'd turn east and follow the Alps through Switzerland, Northern Italy, Bavaria, and end up in Munich, where I'd fly back to the States. Naturally, I'd eat my way through the Alps, too.

His response? "I'm sorry, sweetie, but that doesn't really appeal to me."

Guess I'm stuck fantasizing for now. Join me!

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