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Family of six report - R&G Lounge - Chinese

Native SF in Midwest | Mar 28, 200607:20 PM     38

Monday’s dinner out was to the R&G Lounge which we remembered as being the only China Town restaurant we all enjoyed in the past. There were 8 of us and we arrived around 4:00pm and found no wait for a table.

It was still lunch time, until 5:00 so we could have taken advantage of smaller portions, but did not.

The tea was a nice Jasmine variety and enjoyed by all. We started with 8 half bowls of mashed chicken and corn soup which was pretty much an egg drop soup with chicken and corn. I had fonder memories of it in the past than this visit. I do not know if the recipe or my palate has changed. Everyone ate theirs, but no one remarked with any fanfare their liking it.

We had two portions of the R&G Lounge special beef. This was the most liked item, but the meat was like a tenderized beef jerky in texture and the overly sweet sauce was nothing great. Somewhat recommended.

Next was the Szechwan pork with an overly evident red chili spice and with green and white onions. The pork was nothing great and a little rubbery and grey. Everyone tried some, but few had seconds. Not recommended.

Then the Phoenix and Dragon (shrimp and chicken) with broccoli spears. It was in a light, plain sauce and the best thing I can say it the broccoli was crisp. The chicken was very processed-tasting and did not get completely eaten. The shrimp was a good texture and tasted good. This was finished by all.

Then we got a little crazy and ordered from the BBQ(?) lunch menu the shredded jelly fish. The waiter smirked a little and we knew we venturing into unchartered territory. When it came out, it tasted very fishy, like sushi bought from an Iowa Walmart after a two day power outage. Immediately after palcing a single strand in my mouth, I thought “Fear Factor”. I refused to spit it out and finished the bite. It was very gummy and never seemed to break down into a swallowable consistency. My oldest daughter had already tried it and said, “No.” My middle daughter, tried a one inch strand and had the same look on her face. My father, ate half of the serving no problem. He also used to try to get me to eat some of his favorite foods such as liverwurst sandwiches, peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches and drink buttermilk, straight. Enough said.

This place is now off of our do again list and we will once again be looking for a China Town restaurant next year.

Everyone has their favorite Chinese restaurant in their hometown. It is always so hard to try a new one and perhaps the authenticity of the restaurants in China Town are just too far away from our familiarity that we should avoid the cuisine when traveling.

Kids voted this is not a good place for kids, unless they are adventuresome and really into Chinese food.

Total with tip $100. Included one glass of wine. I do not think a whole bottle could have helped get down another bite of jelly fish.

Next up: The controversial, pricey and annual favorite of ours, The Slanted Door.

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