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More Fagor Pressure Cooker problems . . .


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More Fagor Pressure Cooker problems . . .

mike2401 | Feb 1, 2013 06:34 AM

Having thought I mastered my new Fagor Duo, I tried to cook 4 pounds of cut-up chicken this morning, with 3 cups of water.

After 8 minutes, steam was coming out of the top handle/valve area. Based on what I learned next time, I just tapped the yellow rod, and it popped up and the steam stopped. After another 3 minutes or so, a large burst of steam came out the pressure release area so I reduced the gas stove to medium.

** I tapped the yellow rod and it was firmly up and locked ***

I lowered the heat further to low and light steam continued coming out of the pressure release area, which led me to think I was at full 15PSI pressure.

However, after a few minutes, the rod dropped so I obviously lost pressure.

I turned it back to high and after a few minutes the rod went up and heavier steam came out the pressure release.

However, this time, I tapped the rod quickly and I could tell it wasn't as firmly under pressure as initially, despite the steam coming out the top.

Here's a video towards the end which depicts the steam coming out but how limp the rod was:

When I was done, I turned the knob to pressure release and barely any steam came out.

1) Basically, it seems like the steam coming out the top is not a reliable indicator that I'm at 15 psi, and

2) The yellow rod seems a bit finicky.

I'm really dissatisfied with the Fagor relative to my old reliable pressure cooker pictured here:

The only reason I purchased a new one was I wanted one that was less noisy, and one that would lose less steam. However, my old one is 10 years old, never required a gasket change, and is very reliable.

Any thoughts on what I could be doing wrong with the Fagor? I'm on the verge of returning it to amazon.


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