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Fage yogurt


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Fage yogurt

DKS1 | Oct 10, 2007 01:57 PM

Can anyone explain to me why Fage has so much more protein per serving compared to other brands?!

I usually buy Cascade (and really like it - the sugar content, though not low, is lower than others), but a recent post made me want to try Fage.

It's a totally different experience, as I'm so used to the sugar-laced varieties. But it's really growing on me, especially when I add my favorite granola!

But I'm just trying to figure out this whole protein business. That alone is enough to make this my one-and-only go-to yogurt! And the 0%, though an ounce or so less than Cascade, is only 80 calories.

Just wanted some general feedback about this. Thanks!

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