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The T-Factor Diet (split from Frugal, Tasty Recipes thread on Home Cooking)


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The T-Factor Diet (split from Frugal, Tasty Recipes thread on Home Cooking)

Caroline1 | Jun 10, 2013 08:13 PM

Yes! There *IS* a way to lose weight in which calorie intake does not matter. It is called "The T-Factor Diet" (available on amazon.com) and on that diet you simply restrict your fat intake -- For women, not over 30 grams per day nor under 20, and for men, not over 40 grams of fat per day nor under 30. You need that amount of fat to properly metabolize fat soluble vitamins. When I was younger, I used to use it regularly, and my average weight loss on it was twenty pounds a month, and no, I don't do a lot of exercise. The book does emphasize good carbs, but I can shamefully attest that it still works with lousy carbs and good vitamin pills.... '-)

Duffy, I don't mean this in a confrontive way, but the human body is not a straight forward laws of physics machine. The human body is ruled by the endocrine system, and it is still not well understood. I have friends who are researchers in the field, and they scratch their heads on a regular basis.

And just to keep some balance here, many people also lost weight successfully with the ORIGINAL Atkins Diet while taking in more calories than seems reasonable, but all of them were meats. I'm not comfortable with it, but it does work. My son-in-law lost weight and got down to racing form (regattas) on that silly diet and would have a couple of pounds of bacon for breakfast! Well, slight hyperbole, but for "bread" he put his braunschweiger on pork rinds! This diet works because it basically puts your body in ketosis, and you have to drink LOTS of water to keep your kidneys from turning to ash, not to mention what it can do to your cholesterol levels, promote osteoporosis, and other such medical bonuses. I don't recommend it (or any low carb diet), but many swear by it, BUT!!! The present day Atkins diet is not the full bore all protein diet that Dr. Atkins originally preached, and that's the diet my son-in-law used.

So the bottom line is that the human body CAN lose weight by overeating, even by carbo-loading, *IF* you use either of these diets' off kilter menus. IMO, The T-Factor Diet is sound and works, but I like my kidneys too much for the full bore original Atkins diet, and don't know that much about the current version beyond the fact that it is a low carb (ketosis producing) diet.

Hope this helps! :-)

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