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"extreme" body art and fine dining


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"extreme" body art and fine dining

foodieX2 | Apr 25, 2013 07:31 AM

Can an owner/manager choose not to hire folks with alternative/extreme body art? Or is it/would be considered prejudicial/discrimination?

The art of ear gauging grosses me out. It is a visceral reaction and even when it is not at its most extreme it makes me nauseous to look at. I get that it is my issue and people can do what they want. Their bodies/their choice. Most the places I dine in are pretty traditional. The servers wear some kind of “uniform”, the front of the house is usually “dressed up”. Even the local, hole in the wall places are pretty traditional as well. But I also know that when I head into the city or go to more artsy areas it’s going to be something I am going to run into and I need to get over it.

Until recently I had never encountered any extreme body art (facial tattoos, visible facial/body piercings, ear gauging, etc) in a “fine dining” or “upscale” establishment. For those around this area I am talking about places like Tosca, Square Café, Clio, No. 9 Park, Craigie and the like. Have I just been there on the off nights and it is actually more common to see these things or do you think higher end places aren’t hiring people with extreme body art. Are they even allowed to do that?? I have seen regular ear piercings, including multiples, the occasional ankle/arm/wrist/leg tattoo (which not so long was considered "extreme") so Its seems like they couldn’t discriminate against one and not the other.

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