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New Export Tool Soon to Be Available for Restaurant Records

mudaba | Mar 1, 201201:42 PM

Dear Chowhound community,

A few weeks back, we announced the retirement of the restaurant pages, happening March 20, here on the site. It was met with mixed feelings: confusion (many users did not use the restaurant pages, so were confused about what was being retired), frustration (for people who spent a lot of time updating duplicate and incorrect information, as well as adding their own restaurant finds to the database), and neutrality (some users never used the pages, and didn't mind their removal one bit).

We listened to your feedback, and tried to do what we could to hold on to the information that you spent time putting into the database. We understand that you didn't put the records in the database just to have access to them yourself, but there are also instances where users indicated that being able to recover the data they entered would be helpful.To that end, we have added another export tool to your profile pages. It is called "My Restaurant Records." It is an export of all restaurants that we can confirm were created by you, and will only include records created since the last major update to the design of the Restaurants pages. Again, this tool will benefit the small portion of you who have spent time inputting restaurant records, and it will allow you to retain that information.

It will appear sometime in the next couple of hours. You will see it in your profile under the "Export My Data" tool, at the bottom of the list under "Been There/ Wanna Go."

Thank you,

Meredith of CHOW

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