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What do you expect to come with an entree?

chowser | Apr 29, 201202:16 PM

I went to a casual seafood restaurant (jeans fine). On the menu, there were appetizers, main entrees on top. At the bottom, sides and desserts. The entrees had descriptions like (leaving out details of where it's from, how prepared, etc.): halibut with oyster mushrooms and creamy grits $27, scallops with cauliflower puree and wild mushrooms $26, sablefish with watercress salad and xxx (I can't remember) $29. Sides were things like mac and cheese, cole slaw, onion rings, braised collard greens, things like that. From the descriptions and price, I assumed an entree would be a meal entree, where the protein was part of a whole meal. I ordered scallops and got four scallops, a little sauce and four mushrooms on a little rectangular plate that looked like an appetizer. They were excellent but I was still hungry afterward. Is it wrong to assume an entree, not a "protein" or "meat, fish, chicken" list (I've seen this before, but then there are lists of "vegetables", "starches" below and it's clear that's all you're getting), should come with more? I'm not complaining as much as wondering if this is becoming a new norm.

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