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Exotic forms of sushi for the timid adventurer?


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Exotic forms of sushi for the timid adventurer?

mouthmusic | Jul 11, 2010 08:57 PM

I guess my title is about the best way to word it. I do like sushi quite a bit, but don't know much about what to expect with the more exotic varieties (fish organs, etc). I did have one bad experience where I just 'went for it' and ordered something that I had no idea what it was (due to the language barrier with my server). The server said something about 'fish eggs' which I figured couldn't be too bad, but when I got it I really disliked it. I got a better translation later and found out it was the egg SAC. I don't know if it was naturally nasty or if it was from spices added, but it put me off the idea of ordering fish guts I wasn't familiar with. Also, I have not yet tried uni. I hear so many people rave about it, but one friend told me it was the most vile thing he ever tasted. So that kind of put me off. I also haven't tried sea cucumber and other weird creatures beyond fish flesh, shrimp, eel flesh and similar familiar items.

We were in Kaito the other night, and I was letting the chef decide for us, but I rejected his suggestions of some of the scarier looking stuff, like what is mentioned above. But at the same time, I would like to try new things. I just don't want nasty surprises like bitter tasting fish organs. What suggestion would sushi pros here make for someone like me who wants to expand my selections but doesn't want big disappointments either? And what's the deal with uni? Is it fishlike, bitter, or what? The texture sure looks unpleasant. Why would some rave so much while others find it so vile?

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