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Evolution of Cookware and Cutlery

Chemicalkinetics | Nov 17, 200905:20 PM

Have you guys considered the evolutions of cook tools are very slow? Sure we have better steels today than thousands year ago, but they are not huge changes. Knives are still knives. Knives have maintained the same shape and functionality. It isn't like I would use a knife from thousands year ago different than a knife from today. Cookware -- same phenomena. Our quality control of carbon steel and cast iron have improved, but only marginally. I suppose the invention of aluminum manufacturing has help some, but even then it is a small improvement. A pan is still a pan.

On the oppose end, transportation technology has changed from horseback riding to car to plane. We have telephone. We have washing machines. We have TVs and computers.

If a person from 1000AD is to time-travel here, he be in a shock of everything, except the kitchen. I am not saying there is nothing new in the kitchen. We have refrigerators and microwaves, but refrigerators are to preserve foods and microwave is mostly use for warming things. When it comes down to actual cooking, not much has changed.

Any thought as to why cooking tools have not evoluted much?

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