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Europeans and diet -- A question


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Europeans and diet -- A question

American Girl | Apr 28, 2003 02:47 PM

A question I've been pondering since I cam back from a backpacking trip in Europe last year....Europeans (and actually, not only Europeans. Most other cultures) don't give a damn about low/no-fat products. Pile on the butter and cheese. Whip out the rich, succulent desserts. Give them red meat and cream sauces. Take away their carbs? Their pasta and bread? Never!! Skim milk? Please, they'll scoff at it.

How how how do the stay so fit and trim? From my experiences, you don't catch European women or men slaving away on treadmills or at step classes. What about that way of life, as compared to America's intense "exercise" culture, keeps them slim? Portion sizes? Walking everywhere?

I just now figured this would be the perfect place to have my questions answered. Any takers?

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