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Etiquette redux, no "thank you"


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Etiquette redux, no "thank you"

theotherhalfofdh | Jul 10, 2006 06:44 PM

This thread was hijacked by the issue of thanking posters.

Could this thread be about other new ways to use the new software?

Many people are posting about replies to topics that are years old. Is it polite to tell the poster that this is a topic posted years or months ago?

I think it is ok when it is unlikely the poster will get a reply. IMO, it is a courtesy to say something if the post is the types that asks "Where should I go for dinner tonight?" and the date has long passed. It alerts people that responding isn't a help to the OP.

A second courtesy issue is editing an OP or reply. If it is a big change please put a note at the end explaining when and why it was edited.

Another courtesy issue is self-editing. There are some long, windy replies. When this happens, I sometimes don't get to the rest of the replies because it is just too much to read. IMO, if it is a report or good information I love long replies. If it is an opinion that has little to do with food, if it is long I'm not going to read it. I may even skip all topics for that poster. That is just me though.

This topic addresses the etiquette of starting a new topic or continuing an old topic.

It doesn't address mid-topic digressions. I notice the mods are splitting those out.

They are not doing that if the digression is on the correct board. If the discussion is about a restaurant and there is a long discussion that gets started about a different restaurant, I think it is polite to start a new topic so people who might be interested in the other restaurant will see it.

I forget where this was mentioned, but don't bump a post to the top just to get attention. I think it is fine if a topic doesn't get any replies to reply and say that "Chowhounds I really need your help. Does anyone have an answer? Any other artificial way to do that is rude, IMO. The board is very dynamic anyway. A topic doesn't stay at the top long anyway.

Edited 15 minutes later.

Mention the poster name if your reply is not the first. With many replies sometimes it is difficult to determine what the reply answering.

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