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etiquette on using gift certificate


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etiquette on using gift certificate

Jonathan Saw | Mar 8, 2006 11:46 AM

I recently had a bad experience at on of my favrotie restaurants. I complained and the owner apologized and sent me a gift certificate for dinner for two.
(No $ amount is specified.)

I'm unsure how to use the certificate but I'm thinking the following:

1) Call the restaurant and make a reservation and letting them know we are using a gift certificate.

2) Repeat this when I show up for the reservation.

3) Order as if I were spending my own money. (Dinners usually are around $100-$140 for two people with wine.)

4) Place the gift certificate in the tray when the check comes. Put in the appropriate tip for the waiter, based on the actual amount of the bill.

I'm wondering if I should also add a thank you note to the owner for the evening that night or just write him later. Any thoughts welcome.

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