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Etiquette for 3 star restaurants eg Ledoyen


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Etiquette for 3 star restaurants eg Ledoyen

jtandjb | Mar 26, 2011 09:54 AM

My husband and I are going to have lunch at Ledoyen and Pierre Gagnaire. We have only eaten at American 3 star restaurants so I have some basic questions about sharing and tipping -
1. Is it customary to leave a tip in addition to the service that's already included? If so how much? For regular meals I've been told to leave some loose change, but for a 200 Euro+ meal, loose change seems too little; do we leave 5%? less? and can it be added to the credit card charge or do we leave cash on the table? Does everyone tip or is it rare at high end restaurants? I am completely at a loss.
2. At Ledoyen I heard they can do 1/2 dishes. Does that mean you can order 1/2 a dish at 1/2 the price or does it mean you order a whole dish and they can split it in 1/2 to 2 plates for 2 people?
3. If we each order the prix fixe lunch (4 courses each), can we have them split that? That would make it 8 courses minus the amuses etc.
4. We have in the past shared by each eating half the pate and then trading plates. Would that be considered impolite at a Paris 3 star?
Thanks so much for any advice! We are so much looking forward to eating in Paris in a month :o)

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