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Vital Information | Feb 24, 2002 09:41 PM

Yesterday I ate lunch at Manny's. The line went out the door. More than a few that filled the house seemed to be tourists, partaking a particular ethnic adventure. Well that merged in my mind with the upcoming annual 24 hours of chow being planned, and I started thinking about ethnic resturants. Not just thinking, but wondering, how many types of ethnic resturants are repersented in the chicago area, and since I have my own computer again, I decided to see if I could list them.

The list below contains every ethnic group who I know has a resturant in Chicagoland. The actual resturant listed is simply there as proof, the first place that comes to my mind, so it is not meant to be the "definative" place for any a particular genre.

A few other guidelines: I have restricted my list to resturants based on the cusine of another country, no cajun, southern, or other "American" places. Second, it is limited to places where you can sit down and order a meal. If the cusines is reperesented only by a market, than no. Finally, I have included places that repersent distint regional variations, say Szechuan chinese, but I have only included the places that are truly regional. For instance, I do not count Brassierie Jo as an actual Alsatian establishment.

I hope this list is far from complete:

Bulgarian - Mario's, Chicago
Czech - Klas, Cicero
Slovakian - Happy Noode, Chicago
Chinese/Cantonese - Happy Chef, Chicago
Chinese/Szechuan - Lao Sze Chuan, Chicago
Chinese/Taiwainese - Mei Shun, Chicago
Chinese/Yunnan - Spring World, Chicago
Malaysian - Penang, Chicago
Afghan - Kabul House - Skokie
Jewish - Manny's - Chicago
Mexican - Dona Louis, Chicago
Mexican/Guerro - Asi es Guerro, Chicago
Mexican/Guadalajaran - Los 3 Gallos, Chicago/Mel.Park
Greek - Parthenon, Chicago
Turkish - Ala Turka, Chicago
Palestinian - Salaam, Chicago
Lebanese - Mazza, Chicago
Persian - Noon-o-kebab, Chicago
Korean - Garden Buffet, Chicago
Israli - Hashalom, Chicago
Italian/Milanese - Bice, Chicago/Northbrook
Italian - Rosebud
Spainish - Baba Reba, Chicago
German - Berghoff, Chicago
Columbian - El Llano, Chicago
Argentianian - Tango Sur, Chicago
Peruvian - Riconcinto Sud Americano
Ecquadorian - Mi Ciudad, Chicago
Jamacian - Tropical Island, Chicago
Nigerian - The place on sheridan just north of wrigley
Tibetan - The place next to the Nigerian place
Morocan - L'olive, Chicago
Scottish - Duke of Perth(?), Chicago
Thai - Yum Thai, Forest Park
Vietamese - Pho 777, Chicago
French - Le Bouchon, Chicago
Japanese - Mirai, Chicago
Ethiopian - Mama Desta, Chicago
Swedish - Tres Kroner, Chicago
Cuban - Rancho Luna - Chicago
Philipino - Rambuttan - Chicago
Russian - Russian Tea Time, Chicago
Ukranian - Saks - Chicago
Polish - Grota - Chicago
Georgian - Tbisi - Chicago
Indian/Northern - Bukhara, Chicago
Indian/Southern - Udupudi Palace - Chicago
Pakistani - Nehari Palace
Hungarian - Paprikash, Chicago
Lithuanian - Healthy Food, Chicago
Guatamala - The place in Roscoe Village
Costa Rica - Irzu
Purto Rican - I know they are there, just cannot think of a name...

How's that for a start?


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