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pass | May 18, 200808:17 AM


I'm looking to purchase some cookware and I'm wondering if there is a common consensus out there for what would be 3-5 items of essential cookware.

Rather than get a whole new range of low to mid quality pieces I'm looking to get just a few quality items that will last longer than a few years, I am also looking for versatile items that can be used for a variety of tasks that would be a good investment and take a high usage.

I'm only just getting into cooking for myself and I am pretty sure about two items;

A large frying pan:- this universal one: http://www.bourgeat.fr/us/produit/bat... looks like it could also double as a sauté pan, and with a lid would be suitable for sauces.

A large SS casserole/boiler/stockpot:- I know a Staub or LC would be a better specialised option, however I need versatility (or bang for my buck!) and this one pan could cover three functions.

I also like the idea of a specialised sauteuse pan (http://www.demeyere.be/Default.asp?CI...) with flared sides for reducing sauces (would like to hear opinions on them). But I think, perhaps obviously, a good third would be a general mid sized sauce pan.

I'd like to hear from others what they think would be a good investment, as I'm new to this I would love to hear from people with a little experience this situation to let me know if what would be a good base to start from.



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