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Espresso machine: pump handle or not?


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Espresso machine: pump handle or not?

Howard-2 | Nov 30, 2002 01:27 PM

Below, a poster mentioned a great deal on espresso machines. This reminded me of an excperience I had some years ago. The basic question of this post is, does anyone have any experience with a home espresso machine with the pump (piston) handle, or any concrete knowledge of them?

I had bought an espresso machine at a dept store--it was 1 or 2 or 3 notches up from a Krups, cost me about $100 or so (this must've been 15 years ago). Tried it with a few different coffees, but it just didn't give me that wonderful espresso flavor I remembered.

When I went to return it, by chance, a rep from the manufacturer was present, and I got to chatting with her. she confided that (in her opionion) you can't make a *really* good-tasting cup in a machine that does not have the pump handle. And that's what you see in the best restaurants, or certainly in a true Italian restaurant.

Any opinions or solid info about this out there?

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