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Espresso machine as a gift


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Espresso machine as a gift

Pat Goldberg | Dec 7, 2002 03:44 PM

In the early '80s, we bought our daughter an espresso machine as a high school graduation gift. It went to college with her, and has followed her around ever since. It is now her family coffee maker. But it is growing old, is no longer manufactured, and parts are getting hard to find. It is time to get her a new one.

This will be a machine that is used every day in a family setting, so it should be sturdy. Cleaning should be relatively easy. So I don't want to get the Pavoni (which is what we have) on the grounds that it has too small a water reservoir and could be too easily tipped over by little hands.

I want to give her a choice of two, or possibly three, machines. What practical advice do you Hounds have for me? If you have a link to a site with a picture and a description, that would be super, super.

Pat G.

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