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Equipment review: Hot Diggity Dogger


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Equipment review: Hot Diggity Dogger

P. | Nov 14, 2005 02:17 PM

I know this is not the usual high end gear that is discussed here, but someone brought one of these to work and I ran it through some peliminary paces with great hopes. It has the potential to solve the problem brouth forth in the Carl's Jr Commercials "Without us, Men would starve."

The Hot Diggity Dogger is a hot dog and bun toaster. it has 3 slots; 2 for buns and a single slot which holds a cage with slots for 2 dogs to be held vertically. Inside the dog slot, there are wire heating elements along 2 sides but there are no elements in the bun toaster slots. It has a toaster like plunger handle for raising a lowering the dogs and buns and a heat control knob for adjusting the doneness from rare to well done.

When I put in my first set of dogs [Foster Farms Turkey Franks] and buns in, the device was set to well done. It cooked for a few minutes but I started to smell burning so I poped the dogs and checked. The Dogs looked cood but they were charred and blistering where the dogs was closest to the elements but on the other sides though it looked cooked there was no browning what so ever. Also since the dogs plumped during cooking, the were dificult to get out of the holder with most of the blistered skin scraping off on the way out. the buns how ever were better, lightly toasted. The taste was better than microwaved dogs but the inside of the dog was luke warm. and I prefer a hotter dog so to speak and it may have been since I popped the Dog early since I thought is was burning.

The next set of dogs went in with the device set to the line between medium and mediom rare and I let the device cook its full time. While it did not take as long as the well done setting it still had similar issues. The Dog came out striped, stripped and luke warm in the middle although it was less chared then the well done I popped early. But the buns were still good.

Cleaning: There is a crumb and grease tray at the bottom and the cage for the dogs. easy to clean and put back.

It seems this device's settings only changes the cooking time. I would like to see what would happen if the voltage was lowered to the heating elements to stop the severe charing on the sides and have the dog cook more evenly Also if the elements would wrap around a little that would help. I will play with it a little more for science sake but will probably never use it again after that.

Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000...

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