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Entre Nous Report

sheitoon | Aug 18, 2008 01:08 PM

Went on Friday night with another couple and we all LOVED it! Service was quick and super friendly. They did leave glasses on our table for an excessively long time - only an issue because it's tapas and it was getting a little tight. Once we asked that they be moved, they were whisked away. The bartender offered to make a sparkling lemonade for two of us, when she saw that we are both expecting. Very nice of her! They were a little overly tart in both of our opinions, but it was super friendly of her, so I'm definitely not holding it against her... I just wouldn't get it again. ;)

Here's what we had:

* Provincial roasted duck. - delicious!! house specialty apparently. The couple with us are not big duck fans and really liked this. Cooked extremely well, and came with a nicely flavored carrot/onion/etc accompaniment
* zucchini fritters - these were good, but a rather large portion for something like fritters.
* Baked onion stuffed with andouille sausage - this was ok. Not bad, but not my favorite thing ever.
* Parma wrapped asparagus. - yummy!!
* Barely stuffed tomatoes with garlic, parsley and olive oil. - This was quite good. I would have liked the tomato a little bit more cooked. It also had emmentaler cheese on top.
* French fries in basil garlic salt. - delicious! (They are a bit snooty with requests for ketchup, but it comes with a great garlic aioli, which the two of us shouldn't have eaten due to pregnancy. oh well. We got ketchup after a couple of tastes of the aioli.)
* Baguette with butter - RIDICULOUSLY good bread. We actually got two orders! (4 loaves... Sarah and I couldn't stop ourselves. And some of the dishes came with incredible sauces, especially this brie/cream/mushroom one. We couldn't stop dipping the bread in it. DELICIOUS!
* Scallops and Mushrooms - this is one of them with the ridiculously good sauce. A must get if you go!
* Scalloped pork loin smothered in wild mushroom and brie cream sauce. - again with the ridiculous sauce

Because everything was so amazing, despite being stuffed at the end... we ordered all three desserts! An espresso chocolate pot de creme (excellent, really), creme brulee (very well done - with perhaps a touch of a liquor in the crusty part?), and the chef's grandmother's chocolate cake recipe (the other's loved this, but not my cup of tea. I do know that many would love it though.... I just like fluffy cake - or really, that's what I have been "craving" for a couple of weeks now.)

So there's my "report." Definitely go. Service was great - super sweet and nice. Location isn't ideal, but perhaps that was why there was only 2-3 other tables with people all night.

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