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Entenmann's Delicias Latinas cookies and cakes


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Entenmann's Delicias Latinas cookies and cakes

emdb | Aug 27, 2005 06:19 AM

It's rare that I make two grocery store discoveries in the same week, but hey, I won't look a chow gift in the mouth! (See sugar free cozy shack post below)

Entenmann's, maker of bad-for-you-but-addictive chocolate chip cookies, has a new line of products called "Delicias Latinas" which they seem to be selling in supermarkets and stores in hispanic areas of Boston (Dorchester, JP so far). The boxes are yellow and white, rather than blue and white. They are selling: dulce de leche cake, tres leches cake, guava and cheese pastries, a pineapple crumble cake, and the single best store-bought soft/chewy coconut cookies I've ever had. These coconut cookies are divine-- soft, chewy, tender, coconutty, and not too sweet. They are far less sweet than the coconut cookies on sale at Trader Joe's, which I like, but are too much after more than one or two. The entenmann's cookies, however, are a little toooo good-- it's easy to snarf half the box without looking.

I don't usually buy store bought cookies, and usually don't eat sweets at all if I can help it, but these are worth the occasional binge.

These things are not healthy, low fat, low sugar, or low carb, but for a coconut lover, they're a nice treat.


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