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Do you enjoy rare-to-medium poultry?


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Do you enjoy rare-to-medium poultry?

dmd_kc | Feb 13, 2009 12:39 PM

I've been having a discussion with friends about how Jacques Pepin disagreed with Tom Colicchio on this week's "Top Chef" about whether one of the cheftestants overcooked her squab. Tom wanted it very much pinkish-rare, while Jacques and Lidia Bastianich both said they preferred it cooked a bit further -- something Colicchio chalked up to "generational differences."

Well, I'm definitely on the younger side myself, but the thought of any medium-rare poultry is very unappetizing to me, even with duck breast. I find the texture of uncooked bird unpleasantly gummy, even with a leaner cut. I've had chicken sashimi (made from breast meat), and did not enjoy it at all. It tasted very much like raw chicken smells, which ain't my cuppa.

I wonder if that's my American phobia of raw chicken influencing my taste. After all, we're taught in this country to treat raw poultry like radioactive anthrax dipped in snake venom. But I simply can't get down with pink in my bird. Am I alone?

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