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using enameled cast iron

Hungry Celeste | Dec 2, 200908:44 AM

After years of reading this cookware message board, I've grown weary of uninformed posts on the durability of enameled cast iron. I read stuff like "can't be used with hot oils", "hard to clean", "delicate", "enamel scratches easily", etc. etc. Most of it is hogwash.

So, for all you doubters, here's photographic evidence that enameled cast iron is tough: pics of my le Creuset in use on a charcoal grill. I've cooked everything from baked beans to cassoulet, to no-knead bread, to roasted potatoes directly over hardwood lump charcoal. Yes, the outsides get sooty, but it cleans right off. The interiors clean up just fine; really baked on stuff comes off with a soaking and a sprinkle of Barkeeper's Friend.

For everyone "saving" their enameled cast iron for some perfect use, get over it. Short of thermal shock, it's tough stuff.

See another pic here:

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