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Embarrassing guilty pleasures


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Embarrassing guilty pleasures

Jpan99 | Feb 21, 2013 01:42 PM

I'm in my, ahem, 50's and damn it, I still love Pop Tarts!

I buy them maybe once a year as a treat. A box of strawberry and a box of brown sugar cinnamon (and on very rare occasion a blueberry,) unfrosted of course. I toast one of each. Really toast em, dark brown edges. Then a little smear of butter. If the edges are nice and dark and hot, the butter will sizzle. Ah, perfection. Then eat with a slice of extra sharp cheddar and a glass of orange juice.

I grew up eating these and can't kick the habit. Just a kid at heart I guess. I've no use for all the wacko frosted flavors they come up with now, just the originals for me.

Anyone else care to spill the beans?

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