Eggplant Issues


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Eggplant Issues

EmBrooks | Jun 4, 2009 06:53 AM

Hi All,

I am hoping to get some help with some eggplant "issues" I have been having. First eggplant (Louisiana Long Green) - looks healthy, lots of blossoms, one beautiful eggplant. Unfortunately all the blossoms keep falling off (except the one - so I know it can produce!). Based on research I did via google I thought the issue might be overwatering so I cut back, but the blossoms keep falling off - and this morning I lost the second tiny eggplant that formed. WHY??????

Second eggplant (Rosa Bianca)- again leaves look great, but is just now forming its first blossom. This could be a patience issue since it is living under the exact same conditions as the one that has been blooming for a month.

Living conditions: in containers on my balcony, 6 hours of sunlight, watered when they look dry, fertilized every two weeks with organic fish emulsion/kelp blend. Based on the post about tomato plant production I started seeing if i could pollinate them myself by touching the buds, but that doesnt seem the help. I have hyper-producing tomato plant and bell pepper plants next to the eggplants, and from what i understand they like similar growing conditions. I live in Charleston, SC - it has been hot!

Any advice?? I am so sad every morning when I go out and see that more blossoms are down!

Thank you!!

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