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Edinburgh Mustard and June Taylor Ketchup


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Edinburgh Mustard and June Taylor Ketchup

Morton the Mousse | Jun 8, 2006 04:24 PM

With grill season starting everyone's got their minds on meat, but I have one eye on the condiments. I've recently discovered a delicious mustard and ketchup that will be a welcome addition to my back yard bbqs.

The Original Mustard from Edinburgh Preserves in Scotland is a return to mustard's roots. Each batch is made by hand using quality ingredients. They keep the mustard seeds whole but treat them in such a way (perhaps by pickling?) that the seeds are pleasantly firm but not too hard and burst into a kick of mustard in your mouth. This creates an incredible texture unlike any other mustard I've had. The flavor balance is excellent and there are no overwhelming spices or additives to distract you from the mustard flavor.

It's so good I find myself smearing it on just about everything and occasionally just dipping my finger in the jar. Mrs. Mousse and I went through our first 6 oz jar in about a week and immediately rushed to the grocery store to get more. It is expensive ($6 for a 6 oz jar) but I can't see myself going back to other mustards now.

I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open for other Edinburgh Preserves products and I'm particularly interested in their line of chutneys.

Bay Area Hounds know June Taylor Jams as our best source for jam, jelly and marmalade. So I was intrigued when I saw June Taylor Ketchup at their Farmers' Market stand. Made by hand using locally grown tomatoes and no additives or preservatives, this ketchup lives up to the June Taylor reputation. It has a very clean tomato flavor, but it is not just a tomato syrup. It has the sweet and spicey notes that are unique to ketchup, and the overall flavor is far better than any ketchup I've had. The only rub is that it is a little runny because they don't add thickeners. This doesn't bother me but I can see how it might bother someone who is expecting a very specific texture from ketchup. Again, this stuff is expensive but well worth it.

So that's what I think. Any hounds out there have a favorite mustard or ketchup? Does anyone have experiences with other Edinburgh or June Taylor products they'd like to share?

The Original Mustard is available at "gourmet" grocery stores throughout the country, and can be ordered on-line through Amazon.

June Taylor Ketchup is only available on-line and at their Farmers' Market stand in SF. Their jams and jellies can be found at select grocery stores throughout California.



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