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Recent eats in Westchester: Tap Room, Bosphorus, Chiboust bakery

i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream | Nov 20, 201105:50 PM

I've tried a couple of places, some new, some new to me, recently, and thought I'd make a note of some of them that merit a visit.

Tap Room at Kittle House- my interest was piqued by the recent mention in the Times, lauding their beer menu. This is a really great find in Westchester, though it's priced a bit too high for me to make it a regular spot. It's a darkly wooded bar area off the main dining room, complete with a beautiful piano. There was live music starting at 7 the night we were there. We were there on the earlier side and were a bit overwhelmed by the number of servers coming over to us, but they were definitely scarcer as it got more crowded (and it did get crowded- I'd make a reservation for peak times). The beer menu is indeed very good, though I'd like to see more of a variety on draft. As for food, we enjoyed a fresh mixed salad and meaty, spicy chicken wings (some meats & produce are sourced from local farms, which is always a draw for me) that were begging for a cooling dipping sauce. For mains, I got truffled mac and cheese, the portion a little smaller than I would have liked, but perfectly appropriate given the probable amount of calories in the dish. My husband had a nice piece of salmon served with veggies. For dessert, the waitress recommended the crack pie, which came with gelato and fresh whipped cream. They split it onto two plates for us, which we appreciated. It was good, but too sweet for my taste (and I have a vicious sweet tooth). Overall, we thought it was a bit overpriced, but the atmosphere, beer, food, and music will definitely bring us back, though we'd probably stick to beer, apps, and dessert (not crack pie).

Bosphorus- I went to Bosphorus with a few friends this week. The online menu is a bit deceiving, since it makes it seem like their moderately priced sandwiches are available on the dinner menu. Perhaps they are available on the take-out menu, but it's all entrees (priced from 20-almost 40) on the eat-in menu. We contemplated leaving, not prepared to spend so much, but settled on sharing two appetizer sampler plates. The cold one includes hummus, babaganush, another eggplant dip, a spicy tomato/pepper dip, stuffed grape leaves and tabbouleh. This was a GREAT variety and showcased a variety of flavors. They brought out pita bread a bit at a time, so we kept having to ask for more. At $25, I wouldn't say it was the best value, but we enjoyed the variety and everything was very fresh. The hot appetizer plate was not a good value. For $25, we expected more food-- we got a few slices ofTurkish sausage, a couple of tiny triangles of spanikopita, a few phyllo rolls stuffed with feta, and a couple of zucchini pancakes. The menu listed falafel as coming with it (the waitress confirmed that 4 would come with, and we ordered another separate order of 4 to make sure we would all have a few), but when it came out, the falafel weren't on the plate. The waitress brought out 2 when we mentioned it. It also came with tahini and tzatziki. While everything was tasty enough, it didnt' seem like enough food to merit the price tag. The falafel was great, though a bit dry. This and a cucumber tomato salad made for a nice meal to share, but at $30 per person, I was not terribly impressed with the value. Not sure I would return, especially since it's not nearby me, but it's lovely inside and I can see it being a good date place, and they have live entertainment some nights. Like the Tap Room, there seemed to be WAY too many people working there.

Chiboust- our kitchen is being renovated so I haven't been able to bake things to bring when I visit people. Needing something for a family gathering on Saturday, I remembered seeing Chiboust at the Ossining Farmers' Market, so thought I'd see what I could find to bring with me. I had in my mind that it would probably be too expensive, so I was VERY pleasantly surprised to find a gorgeous apple cranberry lattice crust pie for $14. We also picked up an almond chocolate croissant and a brownie. While I think the almond chocolate confection is misnamed (much denser than a typical croissant) it was stupendous- delicate almond flavor and rich chocolate chips among flaky dense layers of pastry dough. The brownie- one of the BEST brownies I've ever had. (I'm in the fudgey camp (vs. cakey) and this brownie was SO fudgey!) Dense, good quality chocolate, chewy, and huge to boot. I was hoping the pie was as good as it looked and it was. The crust was beautiful-- buttery and flaky-- and the filling was a wonderful contrast between sweet apples and tart cranberry. Huge hit. I would HIGHLY recommend their baked goods and can only imagine they're even better directly from the bakery.

Where has everyone else's travels taken them lately (new or new-to-you)?

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