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Eating well, while being poor.

YAYME | Feb 24, 201003:17 AM

I'm poor, I have a minimum wage job and I'm on SSI and food stamps. Thanks to the largess of the state and generosity of my family it's genteel poverty. I look around me at this board and I've beginning to realize the people here don't eat like I do. I usually make a one-pot meal. Usually I'm on about 40 dollars a week for my food budget. I love food it's a constant pleasure to see all the different combination of flavor and texture out there. I try and buy locally but meat raised the organic way is so expensive. Luckily produce is another story. Also most places around here take food stamps, including the very awesome Asian supermarket and th Co-op and the farmer's markets. There are also 'discount' produce cart at the local supermarket where perfectly good fruits and veggies that are maybe a little bruised or a tab older then they'd like are marked down ridiculously . And when I have extra cash there are two shops Marshalls and Ocean State Job lots that sell gourmet items cheaply (I once saw White truffle oil marked down to 5.99 at Marshalls). Also I plan my menus around what is cheap the cheapest veggies are usually: Kale, hard squash and yams sometimes cilantro and avocados are cheap too. The cheapest meat is chicken thighs, seafood it's usually bay scallops. And all bagged and canned beans and tomatoes cheap too. So that's how I try to eat well while being poor.

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